Fanizzi’s by the sea

great food, right on the water, casual

(ten-minute walk to the East End)

Ciro and Sal’s

very nice ambience, casual, good Italian food

(two-minute walk to the East End)

The Mews

great view of the bay, very nice food, upscale/casual

(two-minute walk to the East End)

The Lobster Pot

great seafood, casual

(five-minute walk downtown)

Strangers & Saints

small menu, deserts, lounge

(one-minute walk at the end of Dyer Street)


classic french-style cuisine / italian soul / fresh new england ingredients, casual

(two-minute walk to the East End)


mediterranean, spanish and indian fusion, casual

(five-minute walk, at the beginning of downtown)


great international food and seafood, casual

(five-minute walk downtown and up Freeman Street)


great al fresco dining, casual, great for people watching

(fifteen-minute walk downtown)


good Italian food, casual

(ten-minute walk downtown, entrance from Bradford Street)

9 Ryder

great Italian food, casual

(ten-minute walk downtown, between the two piers)

Tin Pan Alley

nice piano bar and restaurant - dining inspired by the sea

(ten-minute walk, across the street from Town Hall)


great sushi and Japanese food, causal/nice

(ten-minute walk downtown)

Ross' Grill

great food, nice views of the harbor, casual/nice

(ten-minute walk downtown, 2nd floor of Whalers Wharf)

Front Street Restaurant

popular, very good Italian food, casual/nice

(ten-minute walk downtown)

The Canteen

Very nice food, fast and casual

(ten-minute walk downtown)

Local 186

great hamburger place, people watching

(fifeteen -minute walk downtown)

Bubala’s by the Bay

great al fresco dining, casual, great for people watching

(fifteen-minute walk downtown)

Jimmy's HideAway

popular, usually crowded, great food, casual/nice

(fifteen-minute walk downtown)

Bayside Betsy's

big choice, all American food, open all day, casual

(fifteen-minute walk downtown)

Joon Bar

serves tapas style food, usually crowded, very nice atmosphere

(Other end of town, twenty-minute walk)

Liz's Cafe

nice, all American food, casual

(other end of town, enter from Bradford Street, twentyfive-minute walk)


serves tapas, usually crowded, upscale but very special

(Other end of town, a good half-hour walk)

Mac's Seafood

modern, good seafood

(not downtown, close to highway, a good half hour walk)

Sal's Place

great Italian food, ocean front, casual

(Other end of town, thirty-minute walk)

The Red Inn

where locals go for special occasions, waterfront, excellent food, upscale, formal/casual

(Other end of town, forty-minute walk)